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Sock Munkee Jr’s 25 Days ’til Christmas

SMJ counts down to Christmas with 25 Days of Fun, Festivities, and Treats!


Hi everyone, Sock Munkee Junior here to welcome you to my 25 day Christmas Countdown. Well, 24 at this point. Sandra went away for Thanksgiving and forgot to post my entry yesterday after she got back. I forgave her, though because that’s what friends do. Also, you don’t have to tell me that Tom Turkey isn’t part of the Christmas countdown, but he was so darned cute I told him I would put him in the blog. The poor guy only gets one day out of the entire year that everybody likes him, so I thought he deserved a little extra love this year.

Now, on with the countdown!

I’m thrilled you stopped by. I am so excited about this event that I’ve been bouncing off the walls for days. Sandra keeps giving me the evil eye because I can’t sit still for more than a few minutes. So, let’s get started!IMG_0946

Today started out awesome. I mean, how can hot cocoa with marshmallows and peanut butter graham crackers for breakfast be bad? Am I right? Yeah, I know I’m right.  Did you notice the mug? Yep, I used one of Sandra’s favorite mugs because she’s been dreaming of escaping to Florida to get warm. Don’t worry. She’s got so many stories playing through her head right now she can’t possibly take another vacation.

After breakfast I helped Sandra do some cleaning and laundry. She went to visit family in Ohio for Thanksgiving. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get in some points on the ‘good’ side of Santa’s list by helping her out. Besides, the house had to be cleaned up for decorating anyway. Once she put away the cleaning supplies I begged her to take me out to get a tree. Unfortunately, she said we have an artificial one. She explained that in Colorado it’s so dry that the trees tend to lose their needles too fast and by Christmas they’re bare. I didn’t want a naked tree for Santa to put presents under, so I agreed to the artificial one. We still had to let it
stand over night because it was wrapped so tight when they put it away the branches need time to settle in place. I admit, I’m a little bummed, but waiting is better than having a poorly decorated tree. Yeah! Tree decorating time! I can’t wait. Sandra usually puts her tree up Thanksgiving weekend, but since they were traveling we had to wait. I hope to see you tomorrow. It should be great fun stringing lights and hanging ornaments.

Oh, before I go I want to tell you about a special sale Sandra is a part of during the first week of December. She belongs to a group called tAllianceAnnivBannerhe Alliance of Self-published Authors and December marks their One-year Anniversary and they want to celebrate with you! To do that, they have put a
of books on their Alliance Bookshelf for FREE! Yep, you read that right, FREE! So click their Anniversary Banner and download some great books between December 1st and December 7th!

Do you have your tree up yet? Did you put it up at Thanksgiving? Inquiring Sock Munkees want to know so leave a comment below!

Because of Sandra’s late return, I’ll post day 2 of the countdown later today so stay tuned.

Have a grSock Monkee Jr Cheering on Syreat morning!


PS – Did you see the Orange win last Friday? Sandra was attending a fund-raiser, but mom and I watched. Go Orange!

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Hope to see you there!


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