Wicked Investigations? No, it’s not a bunch of witches running around with magnifying glasses. It’s a Private Investigation business with a wickedly sharp PI.

Let’s face it…Who doesn’t love a PI series? How about one with a smart and a bit snarky female as the PI? And…how about I throw in a ‘sidekick’ who just happens to be the brother of the PI’s best friend. He’s also handsome, hunky, ex-military, and owns a hair salon/barbershop. That barely touches the surface of the two main characters, Lorelei and Finn. Also, Detective Stiles from the Colorado Skies series is their main police contact and reluctant friend. At least he tries to appear reluctant, but Lorelei sees through his tough-guy persona. As the series continues more will be added to the mix of regular characters, none of which are ‘typical’ or ‘normal’ whatever that means.  Check out the blurbs and links below for more info…

Wicked Investigations Book 1

She’s tough on the outside. He’s wounded on the inside. When two broken hearts collide, can they follow the clues to true love?

PI Lorelei Cole always works alone. But when a simple surveillance job takes a deadly turn, she’s forced to spend the night talking with the police. As if the blood on her hands wasn’t enough, she’s forced into maid of honor duties with her best friend’s hunky, frustrating brother…

Ex-marine Finn still longs for the soulmate he lost in Afghanistan. Trying to put his PTSD on hold for his sister’s sake, he wishes the sarcastic beauty Lorelei didn’t send his pulse through the roof. But when someone points a gun her way, Finn refuses to let another soul die on his watch.

As Finn’s heroic actions ignite a spark of attraction, he and Lorelei don’t realize that they’ve fallen into the crosshairs of a sinister stalker.

Will the unlikely partners stop a deadly enemy and embrace their deepest desires?

Suspect: Family is the first book in the captivating Wicked Investigations romantic mystery series. If you like heartwarming chemistry, complex characters, and page-turning tension, then you’ll adore Sandra S. Kerns’ suspenseful novel. Buy Wicked Investigations – Suspect: Family to discover love’s hidden clues today!

UnfinishWicked Investigations Book 2ed business… Unexpected desire… Undeniable vengeance…

Lorelei’s detective friend, Stiles is in trouble. After breaking up with his girlfriend, he’s gone incommunicado, even took vacation from work. Worried, Lorelei goes to his house and finds him hole up in the basement going over case files from a cold case abduction. Why? The sicko abducting fifteen-year-old girls is back. Despite Stiles’ better instincts, he enlists Lorelei’s assistance.

Unfortunately, the abductor isn’t the only problem Lorelei is dealing with. Her mother’s trial is soon and Snake, her and Finn’s frequent caller, is back in rare form. That presents another problem. Finn and a new team member, Max have taken it upon themselves to keep a constant eye on her. If that’s not enough, Finn’s charms are starting to tear down her carefully built walls.

Can Lorelei hold them all off while solving the old case with Stiles?

Will Finn finally prove to Lorelei she’s worth loving?

Will Stiles solve his case before the whisperer takes another victim?

If you’re into high-intensity emotions, resistant lovers, and insane antagonists this is the book for you.

Buy Wicked Investigations, Book Two – Suspect: A Whisper today and help solve the case.