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Here’s a peek at the next case in her

Wicked Investigations series…

Wicked Investigations:

Suspect: A Whisper

Wicked Investigations Book Two

Unfinished business. Unexpected need. Vengeance denied.

   Lorelei’s detective friend, Stiles is in trouble. After unexpectedly breaking up with his girlfriend, he’s gone incommunicado, even took vacation from work. Worried, Lorelei goes to his house and finds him hole up in the basement going over case files from an eight-year-old abduction. Why? The sicko abducting fifteen-year-old girls is back. Despite his better instincts, he enlists Lorelei’s assistance.

    Unfortunately, the abductor isn’t the only problem Lorelei is dealing with. Her mother’s trial is soon and Snake, her and Finn’s frequent caller, is back in rare form. That presents another problem. Finn and Max have taken it upon themselves to keep a constant eye on her. If that’s not enough, Finn’s charms are starting to tear down her carefully built walls.

   Can Lorelei hold them all off while solving the old case with Stiles? Will Finn finally prove to Lorelei she’s worth loving? Will Stiles solve his case before the whispering voice takes another victim?

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New Series cover

Wicked Investigations – Suspect: Family

and continue with her other 4 series…

The Colorado Skies Series

These books sometime lean toward psychological thrillers, but find the Colorado clear blue skies bring focus and peace.


Colorado Dreams & Desires Series

To find their true love or realize their dreams, heroes and heroines find there’s nowhere like Colorado.


The Masters Men Series

This was my first series and remains one of my most popular with readers. I hope you enjoy the indelible Masters brothers and the women who win their hearts. The Masters Men work together to solve troubles, threats, and other issues for family and friends.


Master Security Series

Retired from their day jobs, the Masters Men and others work in Colorado and Florida to solve crimes, mysteries, and other difficulties.


 All of Sandra’s books are available at your favorite online retailers.

Please visit the Published Novels page for all published novels and information of future releases.


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  1. june

    Read Risky Assignment over labor day weekend and you have not disappointed. Keep up the suspense.

  2. june

    Girl, you have some kind of connection with the Masters family. It is in your blood. Read Securing a Ranchers Heart and it is one of the best books you’ve written.

    • sandra@sandrakerns.com

      So glad you enjoyed it. I had a blast researching it, even visited two guest ranches.
      Yes, I do have a connection with my Masters family. That’s why I started the new series so I could keep myself and my readers happy.
      Thank you for reading it.

  3. Kay Alber

    I love your Web site and of course, your books. Look forward to seeing you soon.
    C.K.Alber (Kay)

  4. Michael

    Book trailers are certainly an intriguing way to introduce one’s book, and yours does a great job drawing one’s interest! Here’s a sample of my reviews, should you wish me to contribute to your Review/Beta reading team.

    • sandra@sandrakerns.com

      Thanks for stopping by, Michael. I’ll check it out. I’ll remember you for my more suspense driven books like Dream Stalker.

  5. Holly

    Hi Sandra,
    We met at RomCon last month at a fun dinner. I would love to be on your Review Team as a BETA reader.

    • sandra@sandrakerns.com

      Yes, it was a fun dinner. I really enjoyed meeting so many readers at RomCon.
      Thank you for joining my Street Team. I should have a novella ready in a week or so.

  6. Andrea DeHart

    Hi Sandra,

    I met you at the Romcon here in Denver. I would love to be a BETA reader for you.

    • sandra@sandrakerns.com

      Wonderful, Andrea! Thank you for the quick reply. I look forward to ‘using’ you. I’m working on a Christmas novella now, so will hopefully have it for my BETAs within a couple of weeks. Thanks again!

  7. carolyn carter

    Love the books I have read so far. Thank you.

    • sandra@sandrakerns.com

      Thank you so much for your kind words. FYI – if you haven’t read any of the Colorado Dreams and Desires series, A Daring Proposal is on sale for 99cents this week.

  8. Suzie Jay

    What a great site you have here. I am yet to read any of your books but I am looking forward to it, based on all the positive feedback you have here. Congratulations 🙂 Oh and thank you for the editing tip. I need a good affordable all rounder

    • Sandra

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you like the site. This week it’s going to get some cleaning and updating. I’ve been ignoring the poor thing lately.

  9. Michael Smith

    Great looking site you have here Sandra, let’s promote it on beezeebooks.com

  10. Betty Hames

    Will you be putting your books in an audio format? I have read all your books (Several times) the latest being Last chance for love, really wonderful, I do a lot of driving and outdoor work and really like to listen to book on tape. MP3 audio is great. Your stories are so well written and intriguing that I would love to listen to them over and over again, any chance for audio books?

  11. Laurel

    Love your books can’t wait to read them all.

    • Sandra


      Thank you. It puts a smile on my face whenever someone takes the time to come to my website and tell me they like my books. Have a great day.

  12. Marilyn Downey

    Ms, Kerns–please add my name to your new release date for books. Thank you.

    • Sandra

      Thanks for stopping by, Marilyn.
      I will definitely add you to my list.

  13. shirley weant

    Please send me updates on new releases. I just discovered your books. Your a great writer

    • Sandra

      Thank you for the compliment. I will definitely add you to the new release list. As of right now, my next book is scheduled for a September 3rd release. I will send out a reminder closer to that time.

      Thanks again, and thank you for stopping by my website.


  14. dorie mccallister

    Nk releasee emails please

    • Sandra

      I’ll be glad to add you to the new release list. Thanks, Dorie

  15. Betty Hames

    I truely in enjoyed the Colorado Skies Series. I have read each one twice even knowing the ending.Will these ever be on audio? I will be watching for more books from you.

    • Sandra


      Wow, thank you for the compliment. The next installment of Colorado Skies (Callaghan’s Conundrum) will be out next month. I’ll be posting the cover soon. As to audio, I haven’t looked into that yet, but I will. Thanks for stopping by my website. I will be sure and send you a note when the next one is available.

      Sandra S. Kerns

  16. florence goldman

    i would very much like to read your 2 colorad skies series, but i only read large print books do you have someone that sells your books in large print?

    • Marlene Ellstrom

      Purchase a Kindle or e-reader. You can adjust the print size. It makes reading much easier.

  17. ann mc

    Send updates on new releases.

  18. wendy schwagerman

    Just finished the master series loved loved loved them. Great story please let me know when you have new books out

  19. Karen Boyes

    Sandra, I just finished the Masters series and I really enjoyed them. Great job with the characters. Please add me to your email list and let me know when you finish the new one

    • sandra

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the series. I just released Dream Stalker – the Colorado Skies series last week. I apologize for being a tad behind on my website replies. I hope you enjoy the new series as well.

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