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Welcome to the official website of romantic suspense novelist Sandra S. Kerns. Please take some time to look around and we hope you’ll come back to visit often. Check out the blog page and leave a comment on a post or interview. Be sure to sign up for the e-mail list and drop a line with feedback about the site or her novels. We hope you will always feel comfortable asking a question about Sandra or her stories. She will make every endeavor to reply to emails quickly.




All of Sandra’s books are available at your favorite online retailers.


Please visit the Books page for all published novels and information of future releases.


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    • Holly,
      Yes, it was a fun dinner. I really enjoyed meeting so many readers at RomCon.
      Thank you for joining my Street Team. I should have a novella ready in a week or so.

    • Wonderful, Andrea! Thank you for the quick reply. I look forward to ‘using’ you. I’m working on a Christmas novella now, so will hopefully have it for my BETAs within a couple of weeks. Thanks again!

    • Carolyn,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. FYI – if you haven’t read any of the Colorado Dreams and Desires series, A Daring Proposal is on sale for 99cents this week.

  1. What a great site you have here. I am yet to read any of your books but I am looking forward to it, based on all the positive feedback you have here. Congratulations :) Oh and thank you for the editing tip. I need a good affordable all rounder

    • Suzie,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you like the site. This week it’s going to get some cleaning and updating. I’ve been ignoring the poor thing lately.

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