The Masters Men are back in Colorado.


Her Master Match is the story about the ‘adopted’ fourth Masters’ brother, Jonathan Smitt. You met him in Last Chance for Love when his father, Smitty was attacked. Now it’s Jonathan’s life that’s in trouble.

Jonathan is clinging by a thread. His wife ran off eight months ago. She left him with three children and twin infants to raise. Soon after his divorce became final, his employer went bankrupt. Now he needs a job and help with the children. When Ace Masters calls requesting help with his business, it’s the answer to his prayers. Having turned into a firm believer in Murphy’s Law over the past year, he doesn’t expect the blessings to continue. He’s right. His wife’s lover calls making threats toward him and his family. Then, there’s the nanny.

Nikki Bradford is making the best of her father’s most recent interference in her life. She’s visiting her best friend, Gina Masters in Colorado while she decides her next move. She’s considering moving to Colorado to make it harder on her father to use his money and influence to get her fired from agencies. When Ace asks her to help with the kids of his friend who just moved back to town, she’s thrilled. Taking care of children is a wonderful addiction to her. She was starting to have withdrawal after two weeks with no responsibility. Then again, withdrawal might be preferable to dealing with Jonathan Smitt. The man’s only positive attribute, beyond his looks, is his devotion to his children. Once she experiences that, she will do almost anything to help him. Almost.

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