P1030315Okay, me matey’s, summer is over and it is back to school. But wait, do you hear it off in the distance? Yes, it’s the graduation bell. That’s right, folks, it’s my last year in high school. In May 2014 I will be ‘graduating’ (read as retiring) from my day job.

I’ve been working in a high school since 1998. No, I don’t have a lofty position on the faculty. I am the Faculty Assistant at a school here in Colorado. Although I love my job (hey, if I have to work this is a great job to have), and the people at my school. Everyone (even students) has been very supportive of my writing endeavors over the years. The social aspect of coming here each year has been great in battling my hermit tendencies. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, or so ‘they’ say.

One of my school friend’s (who’s also retiring) told me that her husband is doing a blog about his last year working in a school. I thought, what a great idea! So, now and then, in between the Sock Munkee Jr. posts, and book posts I will let you know what’s happening in my final year at high school.

Hmmm, I wonder if I’ll get another diploma?