UBC 1600x2400K+SMse the butterfly on the front of The Butterfly Connection to work on the code.

 Clue #1: In this code the symbols are the opposite of what they were in Emma’s final college project. (Chapter 7)

Clue #2: What did Artemis characterize Emma as after she followed him to his table? (Chapter 2)

Clue #3: One of Eric’s favorite mottos in regard to solving a problem? (Chapter 8)

Clue #4: Both words you need to decode end with the same letter.

Clue #5: The first word is in the 3rd line up from the bottom of the butterfly, the second one is above it.

Clue #6: There is no rhyme or reason to what letter each symbol represents. However, they do represent the same letters in both words.

Clue #7: S is greater than R.

Clue #8: I represent the first letter of what Artemis calls Emma, B exclaimed!

Clue #9: Y brings up the end but is resembles a star.

Clue #10: E dashed to R’s hashtag.

Clue #11: P questioned L about the money.

Clue #12: The letter I is twenty percent of Eric’s ;motto.

LAST CLUE: F brackets the number 7 in the word on the 4th line up.


Check back for more clues up until the release of Butterfly Bride on December 16th!


Happy deciphering!