We’re starting our visit with the Masters men during the celebration week of our country’s independence. So, what better way to kick it off than to chat with a member of the Armed Forces, Major Dos Masters.

I’m pleased to introduce our guest this week, Major Dos Masters from Her Master Defender.

Thank you, Sandra.

Hello everyone. SDos Mastersince I’m not sure if everyone has read my story, Her Master Defender yet, I’ll give you a little background on myself. After a mission to take down a drug lord went horribly wrong, I placed on medical leave and sent home to recover. However, I found little time for relaxation and recovery, when someone tried to break into my neighbor’s business and later her home. I scared them off before they got inside her house, but couldn’t leave her there without protection. The only choice was to bring her and her mammoth dog to my cabin for the night. I thought combat in the desert, and fighting drug lords was hard. Those had nothing on the week that followed my meeting Copper Kerrigan. As we tried to figure out who was targeting her, I found myself fighting more than bad guys.

I’ll be visiting until July 7th and then you’ll meet my brother Tres. I look forward to your questions; however, don’t be surprised if my answers are short, after all, I’m the triplet who prefers to keep to himself. I don’t seek out the limelight so this will be a challenge for me.

You can post your questions or comments on Twitter (#MastersMen @SandraSKerns), or here in the comments section below. I know I said the answers might be short, but to be honest, I’m starting to get a little anxious to see if anyone will ask anything.