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RWA’s Literacy Signing

I thought I would give you a quick nibble of some of the goings-on in ROMANCE this week.

I arrived in Atlanta yesterday so I can attend the Death by Chocolate Party and Award Ceremony tonight. If I somehow forgot to mention it here, I am a finalist in the Daphne du Maurier contest with Her Master Defender. But, I digress. Being in town the day before the party, I decided to stop in and see some friends at the Literacy Signing. RWA holds a book-signing each year at the conference to support literacy and give readers a chance to meet and talk to their favorite romance authors. It’s a great event.

The Marriott-Marquis did a wonderful job setting up the event. Hey, just walking in the doors of the hotel makes you feel like someone special, it’s that beautiful. Then, you go upstairs and enter into the hustle and bustle of a HUGE romance book-signing.

A Lady

The atmosphere was electric, and I got there near the end. Still the place was packed, the purchase lines long, and loads of authors smiling and visiting with fans. I was so overwhelmed I forgot the names of most of the authors I wanted to say hi to. Thankfully, New York Times bestselling historical author, Sabrina Jeffries was seated near where I entered and I stopped by her table. By the way, Sabrina’s book, A Lady Never Surrenders is a Rita Finalist! As big as being a Rita Finalist makes you, not to mention being a NYT bestseller, she smiled and happily helped me remember the last name of one of the friends I wanted to visit, Robin Owens.

Heart Secret

Robin is an award winning Futuristic/Fantasy writer. Yes, my brain does a serious short circuit when I get overwhelmed like that. Anyway, I found Robin’s table and chatted for a few minutes before picking up her book, Heart Secret and having her autograph it for me. Thankfully, my husband was with me, so he took the book and stood in the long check-out line while I continued to look for friends.

Defiant As I said, I got there late so I only had a short time before the authors, who had been there for more than two hours were packing up. I did manage to stop by another fellow Colorado Romance Writer’s table, Pamela Clare. Pamela’s book Defiant is a Rita Finalist, too. When I first got to Pamela’s table she was talking with someone about her audio books and how she managed to get a male, instead of the female voice the company wanted, to narrate one of her books. It was an interesting discussion to say the least. Then, while I was visiting with her another reader came up. She shook Pamela’s hand and told her it was great to meet her. I would think that is right up there with the top two author’s dreams. Pamela, as always, was gracious and friendly.

Kudos to RWA for putting on this wonderful event and to all of the hundreds of authors who participate. It was a wonderful time seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and of course, buying some great books to read.

Until next time, happy reading!





  1. Sandra

    Jo, I certainly will!

  2. Jo Woodward

    I can’t wit to read the ret of the Masters novels. You could send me a list of all you have written.:)

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