Good morning, everyone! I finished edits (hopefully the last ones) on my next release, so I decided to get another installment of Sock Munkee’s journey out for you.

I’ve got Sock Munkee on the line early today so we can give you another installment before I go to Lamar’s for my free doughnut (it is National Donut Day) and he goes to Dunkin’ Donuts in NY for his. Believe me, Sock Munkee LOVES donuts (he prefers devil’s food chocolate glazed if you were wondering).

So, we promised you the lowdown on their first night in a hotel at the end of the first installment. Here we go.

Traveling Kitty

If Sock would slow down and roll down the window just a little I know I could squeeze through and be FREE!

They got through PA. That was an accomplishment with the kitties in the back screaming about their ‘jail cell’ all the way. Actually, Diz (the older of the two kitties) didn’t stay in the cell long. Sock Munkee said Diz is quite the escape artist. It took herless than five minutes to escape the harness the ‘humans’ put her in for walks on the way. Then, they barely got the car door closed before she was sitting in the window planning her escape from the car.

“I will not slow down or roll down the window,” Sock Munkee  told her, “So, hush and deal with it.”


OOO, OOO, me, take my picture.

Sock told me you have to be firm with the kitties or they think they can run the show. Now the flamingos on the other hand, are just silly.  He didn’t have to worry about them running off. They just wanted their pictures taken every time they stopped to fill up the truck.


SM on Facebook

We FINALLY made it to the hotel. The Lil Bit (the younger kitty) is hiding under the bed and Diz is prowling. The mingos are preening in the mirror for their next photo shoot. I swear Joy and Pete spoil them.

At the hotel Sock finally got some quiet time. He visited with friends on FB. He gave me his post that night, so I put it with the picture. It sounds like it’s going to be a LONG trip for him.

I guess it was difficult to get Bit out from under the bed the next morning. You know they close in the bottoms of all those hotel beds, so they had to take the mattress and boxspring off to get her out. Crazy Cat.

SM Nite Nite

Nite Nite

All in all it was a quiet night. Everyone was worn out from the excitement of starting their trip. The beds were comfortable and Sock Munkee did manage to get some good shut eye. He would need it for the next couple of days on the road.

Stay tuned for the next installment that will include their experience at McD’s before finally arriving in CO.

Now, off for our free donuts!!!