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The Next Masters Man

Are you ready for a Spanish treat? Well, here he is, Lazaro Atwater Menendez-Buffington, but you can call him Buff. I’ll turn the floor (blog) over to him. Enjoy!

Let me puLazaroBLOGt your first question to rest now. No, my nickname is not because I think I’m buff. It’s because my last name was a mouthful growing up, so my friends started calling me Buff. My mother thought it cute, she was a mom, of course she did. My father hated it, he’s a bit of a snob. That was enough for my brother and me to use it all the time.

As you can probably tell from my full name I’m part Spanish and part English. To be honest, I’m all American, but people tend to latch onto ancestry so there it is. My mother was quite a pistol. Full of fire and spirit. She loved to have fun. My father, not so much. He could kill a good time as fast as my mother could start one. As you can imagine, there was never a dull or quiet moment in our house. Until mom died when I was just starting middle school. After that, life was structured, quiet, and not much fun.

It took a long time for me to get out from under my father’s thumb. My brother, Martin, was amazed I lasted as long as I did. He always knew I didn’t belong in the family firm. I love two things (besides my brother); history and scuba diving. When I figured out how to put the two together, there was no way I could stay stuck in an office any longer. I quit the firm in NYC and moved to Florida to pursue my real passion, underwater archaeology.

I have spent a lot of time researching St. Augustine’s history. There is a lot of debate about the French and Spanish explorers and their battles to claim it. As you can imagine, I tend to side with the Spaniards, but I don’t have anything against the French. The two groups are part of what makes St. Augustine such an enjoyable place to live. We also have a lot of pirate history surrounding the area which can make for interesting adventures. Getting back to the history of St. Augustine. One of the battles that determined St. Augustine’s Spanish heritage was between Pedro Menendez de Aviles and Jean Ribault of France. Jean Ribault’s lead ship is believed to be on the ocean floor in the Cape Canaveral area. I’ve coordinated an enterprise to dive for it. Maybe I’ll find it before the expedition planned for St. Augustine’s 450th anniversary.

Sorry, as you can see I am passionate about my work. If the new girl at work doesn’t cause too much trouble, everything should go smoothly. Unfortunately, her name is Blaze and trouble seems to follow wherever she goes. Here’s hoping my plans don’t go up in flames.


  1. Betty Hames

    Your story sounds adventurous and intriguing. Can’t wait to read it. When does it come out. The Masters Men”s books are some of my favorites. Then again all the books that Sandra has written are wonderful.

    • Sandra


      Thanks for stopping back by, Betty. I don’t know what happened to my site, but for some reason your post was in hold. I’m so sorry.

      I had a lot of fun researching this one. Everyone kept asking for more of the Masters Men, so I had to figure out a way to keep them going. After this one, I’ll have two different states for them to play in so it should be easier to keep things moving.

      Her Master Diver comes out next week, (July 29th or 30th) so stay tuned. I look forward to your comments on it as I always love hearing from readers.

      Oh, regarding your Butterfly Connection post – Artemis and Emma have been on my mind a lot recently, so I’m thinking they’ll be returning soon.

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