Our final guest before the release of the first story for one of the Masters Men’s sisters, is Assistant District Attorney, Ace Masters, from Her Master of Hearts.

Ladies and GenAceChattlemen, I’m thrilled to be here. Although my brothers think I’ve always got my legal or big brother hat on, I will try to be more approachable during our time together. Since I just got back from a few days off to play with my girls, please forgive the beard. I didn’t have time to shave before I needed to be available. Besides, Gina said she liked it. 🙂  For some reason, probably the fact that the other two are in more dangerous careers than I am, I look a bit younger though I am the oldest, so the beard helps. In order for you to post more thought provoking questions, I’ll tell you a little bit about my story.

To be honest, when Her Master of Hearts began I wasn’t certain of anything anymore. It was a scary place for me because I always pride myself on being in control. When both of my brothers found happiness in relationships, I started to wonder why I still keep my distance. After an attempt on my life, it all came back to me. I might not be a cop or in the military like my brothers, but some folks don’t take kindly to being put in prison, and I’m very good at doing just that. Unfortunately, the only person I  trusted to help me figure out who is targeting me is the one person who pushes all my buttons, my brother Tres’ partner, Gina. Her help puts a target on her back as well. Can I stop the person aiming for her, or will I lose her because I’m afraid to take a chance?

We have until July 21st to chat. On July 22nd my little sister Blaze’s story should be available for pre-sales. She’s a character that one. I can’t tell you much about her story, but I can tell you it isn’t in Colorado, because she’s an underwater archaeologist and Colorado is landlocked. Yeah, her being so far away drives my brothers and me insane.

It would really help stop my worrying about her if you would send me some questions to occupy my mind. You can post your questions or comments on Sandra’s Facebook (Sandra S Kerns Facebook), Twitter (@SandraSKerns), or on her website sandrakerns.com.