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SMJ’s Christmas Countdown #10

Christmas Tree Viewing with New and Old Friends.

Welcome back everybody! I think this will be the last time for a Christmas tree post. Well, unless I see one that I just can’t resist showing you. If that happens I’ll sneak it into a post somewhere. Teehee. Hmmm, that reminds me. I haven’t posted Sandra’s decorated Christmas tree yet. Look for it in a future post.

Let’s start tIMG_20151209_075649his adventure through Christmas trees with an introduction to a new Sock Monkey, Reindeer Sock. I can’t remember ever seeing a monkey with antlers before, but I try not to judge by looks. Besides, he is pretty cute. He’s also generous. See the sticker on the floor next to him? It says Sock Monkey Peppermint Candy Canes. Really, they were labeled as HIS candy canes, so there was no doubt who they belonged to. However, he shared them with anyone who came by him. What a guy! I LOVE candy canes. If we hang them on the tree at my house they don’t last long because I keep climbing up the tree and eating them. I know, it’s naughty, but I just like them so much! Mom just shakes her head and reminds me I still have to eat dinner. Anyway, back to Reindeer Sock. I really wanted to bring him home with us, but mom said no. I didn’t gripe or whine, though. It is only a couple weeks until Christmas. I don’t want anymore naughty marks on Santa’s Naughty or Nice list. I did glance up at her soon after we walked away from him and she had this silly little smile on her face. That usually means she has a surprise planned. I wonder if she already arranged for Reindeer Sock to live with us after Christmas. I hope so. If not us, I hope someone gives him a great home because he’s such a sweet kid.IMG_16691559204088

The next friend I wanted to introduce you to is hidden inside this shiny tree. Can you see him? Look right in the middle and you’ll see two little eyes and a pink nose. That’s Pooh, Casey’s kittie. When I saw this picture I imagined I was in a safari with lions and tigers hiding everywhere. Then I remembered there aren’t any white, frilly, trees in the jungle and they definitely wouldn’t have pink and blue lights on them. Whatever Pooh was thinking, he looked a little silly with all the white branches and sparkling lights around his little face. He’s usually not this daring. On the other hand, his brother Tigger? He’s another story.


You met Tigger before. He was in the black and white picture I had in a previous post. His eyes were glowing just like the tree lights in that picture. Here I think he’s trying to help decorate. Granted, it’s more likely he was trying to knock it over or grab something off of it to play with. Tigger is one of those kitties who looks for trouble. He really doesn’t have to look hard. It usually finds him.

I shouldn’t pick on him too much. He’s a Cool Cat. Like how I did that, made him sound like he’s the Cat’s Meow. Oh, someone stop me!

“Thanks, Tigger.” He gave me a little swat with his paw (no claws, he wouldn’t do that) to snap me out of silly line phase I’d fallen into. See, I can always count on Tigger to help out.

Next up in the Christmas tree tour today is Casey’s tree. This one is reminiscent of CharlieIMG_20141201_101205 Brown’s tree in A Charlie Brown Christmas. The show came out in 1965 and it’s still a favorite of people everywhere. Just so those of you living out here in Colorado’s time zone don’t miss it, here’s a link to all the best Christmas movies and where/when to watch them. I don’t think A Charlie Brown Christmas will be on again until Christmas Eve. Although, you can see his tree right here. Or, Casey’s version of his tree. She puts it up every year. I think she feels sorry for all the passed over trees left in Christmas Tree lots. This is her way of telling them someone loves them no matter how many needles they’ve lost. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about, showing love to the world? That’s what I believe.

What do you think is the true meaning of Christmas. I’d love to hear it. Leave a comment and I promise I’ll read it and comment back. Connecting, that’s another great part of Christmas!

More later!


Sandra S. Kerns’ Blog – Sock Munkee’s Journey Continues

Good morning, everyone! I finished edits (hopefully the last ones) on my next release, so I decided to get another installment of Sock Munkee’s journey out for you.

I’ve got Sock Munkee on the line early today so we can give you another installment before I go to Lamar’s for my free doughnut (it is National Donut Day) and he goes to Dunkin’ Donuts in NY for his. Believe me, Sock Munkee LOVES donuts (he prefers devil’s food chocolate glazed if you were wondering).

So, we promised you the lowdown on their first night in a hotel at the end of the first installment. Here we go.

Traveling Kitty

If Sock would slow down and roll down the window just a little I know I could squeeze through and be FREE!

They got through PA. That was an accomplishment with the kitties in the back screaming about their ‘jail cell’ all the way. Actually, Diz (the older of the two kitties) didn’t stay in the cell long. Sock Munkee said Diz is quite the escape artist. It took herless than five minutes to escape the harness the ‘humans’ put her in for walks on the way. Then, they barely got the car door closed before she was sitting in the window planning her escape from the car.

“I will not slow down or roll down the window,” Sock Munkee  told her, “So, hush and deal with it.”


OOO, OOO, me, take my picture.

Sock told me you have to be firm with the kitties or they think they can run the show. Now the flamingos on the other hand, are just silly.  He didn’t have to worry about them running off. They just wanted their pictures taken every time they stopped to fill up the truck.


SM on Facebook

We FINALLY made it to the hotel. The Lil Bit (the younger kitty) is hiding under the bed and Diz is prowling. The mingos are preening in the mirror for their next photo shoot. I swear Joy and Pete spoil them.

At the hotel Sock finally got some quiet time. He visited with friends on FB. He gave me his post that night, so I put it with the picture. It sounds like it’s going to be a LONG trip for him.

I guess it was difficult to get Bit out from under the bed the next morning. You know they close in the bottoms of all those hotel beds, so they had to take the mattress and boxspring off to get her out. Crazy Cat.

SM Nite Nite

Nite Nite

All in all it was a quiet night. Everyone was worn out from the excitement of starting their trip. The beds were comfortable and Sock Munkee did manage to get some good shut eye. He would need it for the next couple of days on the road.

Stay tuned for the next installment that will include their experience at McD’s before finally arriving in CO.

Now, off for our free donuts!!!


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