Death By Chocolate

It’s 10:50 pm and we just got back to our hotel after the Death by Chocolate party held by RWA’s Kiss of Death chapter. The treats were delicious and we ate so much chocolate our teeth hurt, but the company even better. We sat at a table with a great group of writers. There was a variety of both published and unpublished finalists at the table. We really didn’t know each other before tonight, but you wouldn’t know it if you had been listening in on our conversations.

First I’ll fill you in on the Unpublished finalists at our table. Denny S. Bryce received Honorable Mention in Category/Series for her story, Chasing Damn. Howard Lewis received Honorable Mention in the Mainstream category for his story, And Snakes Oh My. In the Single Title category, Tracy Poole took 2nd place for her story, A Risk Worth Taking.  They were all a blast to cheer on.

Before I tell you about the Published finalists at the table, let me explain how the published division works. They give out all the certificates and then announce the winner of the category. There are no 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, just finalists and a winner. My category, Category/Series was announced first. There were six finalists in the category, which to me says it was a pretty tight race. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, B.J. Daniels did. I was, however, the only self-published author in the group. I’m pretty proud to have placed with such well known names as B.J. Daniels, who was also the overall Published winner. The next one at our table to sit in the hot seat was Angie Fox, for her book (which I judged, and loved) Immortally Yours. Again, unfortunately, Angie didn’t win, though she felt like me that it was great to be in such great company. The winner was Christa McHugh, for her book, A Soul for Chaos, which was self-published and I also judged.  The last category to be announced was Mainstream, and we did have a winner. Sandy Parks, for Repossessed, won, beating out Hank Phillippi. Wow! Fantastic table, huh?

Later out in the hall, I ran into another lady, Joanna Campbell Slan who was a finalist in the Historical category. She hadn’t been at the party and asked if I had won and what category I was in. I told her and then we looked at the program, so I could try and tell her who won in her category. As I was looking it over, I realized she had won. She didn’t believe it, so I took her in to the room where the party had been. The coordinator was still there and she verified it. Joanna was stunned. It was almost as good as winning myself to give someone such great news.

Okay, I know this would all be more fun with pictures. I promise I have some, but it will take a few days for me to get those posted. I’ll get back to Colorado next week and I promise I will post pictures and book covers with links. Until then, go enjoy some more chocolate for me.