UBC 1600x2400K+SMse the butterfly on the front of The Butterfly Connection to work on the code.

 Clue #1: In this code the symbols are the opposite of what they were in Emma’s final college project. (Chapter 7)

Clue #2: What did Artemis characterize Emma as after she followed him to his table? (Chapter 2)

Clue #3: One of Eric’s favorite mottos in regard to solving a problem? (Chapter 8)

Clue #4: Both words you need to decode end with the same letter.

Clue #5: The first word is in the 3rd line up from the bottom of the butterfly, the second one is above it.

Clue #6: There is no rhyme or reason to what letter each symbol represents. However, they do represent the same letters in both words.


Check back for more clues up until the release of Butterfly Bride on December 16th!


Happy deciphering!