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Meet the Characters from Colorado Skies

Harlan5Let’s start with the hero from my newest release.

Name:  Harlan Granger

Real or Fictional – Harlan is a fictional character,  although he’s very real to me.

When and where is the story set? This is a contemporary novel. Harlan comes from Bluff’s Corner, Colorado. (also fictional)

What should you know about Major Harlan Granger?

He is the oldest of four children (2 brothers & 1 sister). He had a great childhood and his parents are still alive. He always wanted to be a soldier and became a Major in the U.S. Army. He spent time in Afghanistan and was recently discharged. That is a fact that bothers him almost as much as the fact he could be paralyzed at any moment. However, his biggest problem is keeping the reason for his discharge a secret now that he’s home. An soldier takes care of others, he doesn’t deal well with pity.

Or, he thought that was the biggest problem. It turns out his brother’s neighbor, Rilie is making him remember he’s not a monk. With paralysis hanging over his head, he can’t do anything about it. Can he?

Throw in someone causing trouble for his brother’s bar and Rilie, and Harlan’s tension level goes through the roof.

All Harlan wants is to repair his parents’ home that was damaged in the flood, save his brother and Rilie, and quietly disappear before the shrapnel in his back ends life as he knows it.

If you would like to read more about it, click on this link: CO Skies Excerpts.

Harlan’s Haven was released on Veteran’s Day, November 12th, 2014. A portion of all sales will be donated to Hope for the Warriors in honor of all of our veterans.

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Now, let’s have some fun with another author. I’m tagging a fellow romance writer, Margo Bond Collins. TAG – You’re it, Margo!  Next week, Margo will post a blog about one of the characters from her book, Sanguinary.

Margo Bond Collins is the author of urban fantasy, contemporary romance, and paranormal mysteries. She has published a number of novels, including Sanguinary, Taming the Country Star, Legally Undead, Waking Up Dead, and Fairy, Texas. She lives in Texas with her husband, their daughter, and several spoiled pets. Although writing fiction is her first love, she also teaches college-level English courses online. She enjoys reading romance and paranormal fiction of any genre and spends most of her free time daydreaming about heroes, monsters, cowboys, and villains, and the strong women who love them—and sometimes fight them.

Website: http://www.MargoBondCollins.net

Blog: http://www.MargoBondCollins.com

Book: Sanguinary by Margo Bond Collins

Buy Link: Kindle: http://amzn.to/1xVED46 ; Nook: http://bit.ly/1zEXXlC ; Kobo: http://bit.ly/1xVEGwO ; iTunes: http://bit.ly/1tinCei



Special Event: My Son is getting Married! – Special Offer

010So, here’s the happy coCK_SS.uple leaving Colorado for Pennsylvania where they will get married on Friday. Yikes! I’m going to be a mother-in-law. Just kidding. We’re quite happy about the upcoming nuptials.


In fact, I’m so excited, I decided to share one of Samantha’s (my future daughter-in-law) favorite books of mine, Dream Stalker by putting it on special. You can now pick it up for 99¢ at Amazon or Smashwords. Help the happy couple celebrate by enjoying a suspenseful read (Samantha won’t drink tea at my house anymore, hmm, wonder what that’s all about).



SMJ ready to go


Unfortunately, Sock Munkee, Jr. can’t make it to the wedding (he’s got company visiting), but he wanted to stop by and wish Chris and Samantha all the happiness they can handle. 





Click on the book cover to purchase your copy for 99¢ today

to join Chris & Samantha’s celebration!

Dream Stalker200x300








Look What Just Arrived!

Paperback Proof of Eenie, Meanie, Minie, No!

photo (2)

I don’t think I will EVER get tired of receiving these in the mail. Opening the box and seeing my book is amazing!

I really love this cover. The background photo is  perfect  for the book. This book will send you back to the land of high school cliques and heartaches and then pull you into the scary reality of the present as Nikki and Joe try to stop a killer.photo (3)

I also want to share the acknowledgement page with you. I know the pic is a little grainy, but I still wanted to share. There were two specific people I wanted to give credit, but also a shout out to those of you who inspire me to keep writing by purchasing my books.

I promise to have the paperback ready soon!

The Butterfly has been released!

BC 1600x2400K+SM

 The Butterfly Connection was released today, 11/12/13!

Woohoo! Is that a lucky release date or what?

You can click the icons below if you want to order it now. Tomorrow afternoon, I want to give you time to read some of it, I will start posting clues to the code on the butterfly’s wings. Before we get too carried away with the contest, tell me what today’s consecutive date did for you.

Was it lucky or unlucky? Good or bad? Inspiring or scary? Come on, inquiring minds want to know. Besides, I’m sure someone somewhere is getting paid to do a study on this. Let’s give them some data.



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