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Berthoud Surveyor Interview

A couple of weeks ago, Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer contacted me about a follow-up to an interview she did a number of years ago, BEFORE I published. Here’s the new interview – or you could pick up a copy of the September 4th edition of the Berthoud Surveyor.
Surveyor Article


  1. Sandra


    Thanks so much for stopping by. It was a lot of fun doing the article. Retirement is great, but I find I’m not nearly as organized as I was when I worked. I think there’s plenty o time and then poof the day’s gone. I stopped by your site & blog. Your intro on the site (and the picture) are great. I would have left a comment, but couldn’t figure out how. Good luck with your writing. Thanks again for the note.

  2. Gini Rifkin

    Dear Sandra:
    What a great article in the “Surveyor”. Congratulations on your retirement, and on your wonderful success as an author. I live in Berthoud too, and write adventurous romance. My first book came out one month before I turned 60 so I know it can be a long road to publication. Your covers are beautiful, and storylines very intriguing. Hope to meet you sometime in Berthoud.

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