I’ll be honest, I haven’t used these templates yet, but from looking over the website they look like a great idea.

I know many authors I talk to about self-publishing say they haven’t done it because the formatting scares them off. While that isn’t an issue for me, I do understand. It takes time and patience to get through the different steps for all the different formats required. While I do format my own books at the present time, I may look into Book Design Templates (http://www.bookdesigntemplates.com/) in the near future so I can spend more time writing and less playing with the formatting issue.

Plus, if you are participating in NANOWRIMO you can get a discount on the templates.

So, are these the answer to an Indie writer’s prayer? I don’t know, only time will tell. I do know it can’t hurt to check them out and see if they will hep you take that step into Indie Publishing.

Happy writing!